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Freedom to Learn


No matter the zip code, no matter the disability, ALL of our kids must have the opportunity to learn in a way that allows them to thrive. Check out more info on ensuring our curriculums meet the needs of our students.

School Finance and Funding


Michigan's school funding is based on a per pupil funding model.

MEJC's School Budget Recommendations for the 2024-2025 School Year
History of MI Governors' Impact on Schools
School Finance Research Collaborative

REPORT: Parents and Caregivers Priorities on School Spending

Sept 2022: MEJC's ESSER Recommendations for Healthy and Healing Schools [Summary]
May 2022: CRC's ESSER Spen
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MEJC Mobile Texting and Privacy Policy


Student Discipline

Check out Student Advocacy Center for various resources.

School Vouchers

Parents and educators again defeated another attempt to taking funds from the School Aid Fund as part of DeVos’ voucher scheme. Learn More


Educators are burnt out! Check out what is really going on.

What are Community Schools?


Click here for an informational graphic!

Press Releases 


Media Appearances


For media inquiries, contact

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