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Trainings for Parents and Caregivers

  • Video: Simple Steps to Organizing in Your School District 101​​​​

    • Learn ​the first steps to organizing in your local school district. Concerned about attacks like book bans? Is there an issue that isn't getting the response you think it deserves? This training is for you.

  • Video: How to Start a School Advocacy Parent Group

    • ​​How to start up a group to organize parents and caregivers around issues in your school community. In this training, we'll go over structure, decision-making, and other tips that will be helpful to making change in your local school district.

  • Video: Powers, Issues, & Strategy

    • Join MEJC for a strategy training on how to plan and win your issue-based campaign. Learn about power, how to strategically pick an issue and effectively plan a campaign to win meaningful change.

  • Video: School Board Budgets & Advocacy

    • ​Learn how the local budget process works and the upcoming ways you can show up to get more attention and investment in mental health, transportation, teacher retention, or other issues in your district.

  • Video: How to be a Spokesperson & Tell Your Story of Self

    • Your story is an important one.  Your story and your voice must be present when politicians or school boards are making decisions that will impact your life.

  • Video: Online to Offline Organizing

    • Learn how to mobilize other education justice supporters online and turn them into offline activists. We'll also go over how to create engaging content and use the Internet to your advantage when organizing for public education in your district.

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