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School safety, mental health, and staffing shortages are some of the biggest challenges are youth and schools are facing today. We owe it to them to take a stand and pledge to be an education justice voter in 2022.


Pledge your support for Education Justice

The Michigan Education Justice Coalition (MEJC) brings together communities across the state to win equitable funding and resources for ALL of our schools! By signing on to become an MEJC Education Justice Activist, you will receive updates on our campaigns, opportunities to connect with our local organizational partners, and other information to help the movement for equitable education

Sign our "Support Inclusive Schools in Michigan" Petition

This petition is organized by a coalition of groups and organizations including PRISM Detroit, GLSEN Southeast MI, Stand with Trans, and Michigan Education Justice Coalition to show support for policies and professional development that make our schools a safe space for LGBTQIA+ students. We call on you to stand with us and sign this petition in support of our LGBTQ+ youth and educators and to send a strong message to those in power in our schools and legislature that we will not allow discrimination and political agendas to harm our children!

Join the fight for equitable funding for Michigan's public schools!

Beyond full and fair funding, students, teachers, family members and other caregivers need to have a voice in how funding is used to transform our schools. In the past year, we've held listening sessions and conducted surveys to find out what communities really think about what schools need to help students succeed. We're just getting started. We have to be ready to push back against those who are seeking to undermine Michigan's public schools for their own agenda and profits.


Our Healthy and Healing Schools Youth-Led Statewide Candidate Forum

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